Safety Reminders Before Getting A Harley Davidson Tattoo

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If you think that a total Harley-Davidson image is not complete without a Harley-Davidson tattoo, then you might be considering of having one at any part of your body. However, it is given that strict guidelines should be followed in order to ensure that the procedure is safe.

Here are the things you should remember before and during the procedure.

Go to a certified artist.

Since there are no certificate or diploma given to artist to prove their skills, ensuring your safety before getting down in the chair will be based of the license the state issues to get their business running.

Go to the artist with a Hepatitis B vaccine.

Before getting the needles into your flesh, ask first if the artist has a Hepatitis B vaccine. Remember that Hepatitis B can be communicated with the tattoo procedure so you have to make sure that the artist is free from such a disease. You can ask him or her about it but do not take a mere word. Ask for proof. If you feel awkward to ask, do not let him or her cast the needle. Instead, go to an artist whom you can ask about this matter.

Make sure that the needles that will be used are new.

Infections can be transmitted with the use of contaminated needles. Make sure that the needles are new. Have it opened in front of you. In case you don’t see how and when the needles are opened, ask the artist to open another one.

Make sure that your artist wears glove all the time throughout the procedure.

Gloves are very important tool to protect both you and the artist from infection that might be transferred during the procedure. The artist should change his or have gloves regularly if he or she touches the broken skin.

Don’t forget to ask for the sample of the artist’s finished work

Do not settle for pictures that are hanged on the walls of the shop. See for yourself what he can do. Remember this: If the artist is not competent and has not met your expectation, he will never have to suffer. It is you who will going to see each day the damage your artist has created to your body. So, before anything else, you must see if the artist can print out the outcome you are expecting.

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