Making Jewelry Boxes Can Be Fun For All The Family

Making jewelry boxes is a fun family project. Whether your children are 3 or 15 years old, the creativity in making jewelry boxes is not only unique; it is an unforgettable experience. Part of the fun is making your jewelry boxes together.

With teenagers, this can be rather challenging, as they tend to wander off into their own worlds, physically and mentally. But perhaps with some suggestions of using pictures of boyfriends or girlfriends, or current rock stars, to paste on their personal jewelry box will encourage them to participate! If that doesn’t work, perhaps a hint of what they want in the jewelry box for their next birthday just might do the trick. It seems with the range in ages, it’s the preschoolers who are more attentive than teenagers when making family projects; but it is still the special family time that all will remember years down the road.

The Materials

The material you need for your jewelry box depends on the style of box you are making and who the recipient is going to be. If Dad and junior are making jewelry boxes for Mom, the materials are going to be quite different then if Dad and teenage daughter are making boxes. And if the two siblings are making jewelry boxes for themselves, the materials can get very creative.

The materials for the younger sibling can be very simple. A heart box, an oatmeal carton, a Tupperware container, a pencil box, or even a Q-tip box would work perfectly. Making these jewelry boxes does not have to be an expensive endeavor. Painting the jewelry box with love and then adorning it with pictures of junior, a little glitter, maybe some colorful macaroni, dried beans, seeds or even feathers can bring a loving jewelry box to life. A few bright plastic rhinestones would really be nice too.

If the teenage son or daughter is making the jewelry box, then a nice wooden box with Swarovski crystal rhinestones will do nicely. But chances are that this teenager will have ideas of their own and whatever they are, they will be brilliant. Both children must remember to sign their own artwork.

This makes the box especially unique and will probably be worth money someday. But whether you decorate your jewelry box with family pictures, rhinestones, pieces of broken jewelry or glitter, it’s the fun, memories and all of the love that will be cherished and remembered.

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