How To Create An Elvis Sighting At Your Next Costume Party

Elvis. The king of rock and roll. He’s been long gone as a human being, but his music and his spirit still lives in our hearts. His clothes, his accent, and the way he sang and moved are all memorable. What better way to pay tribute to the King than to wear Elvis costumes whenever the opportunity presents?

You can find the costumes online and in costume shops. They come complete with sequined outfits and you can even wear a wig to make the transformation complete. But it is one thing to simply wear Elvis costumes for a party or for Halloween. It is quite another to get into the spirit of things.

There are a lot of Elvis impersonators. And there are a lot of contests. So for some, it isn’t enough to just dress in the Elvis Costumes. They need to perform. Show others that they’ve mastered the essence of The King’s personality. We look at these people and we acknowledge how similar they are and for a while we feel as if the King is still with us.

Do you want to wear Elvis costumes and catch the spirit of his personality at the same time? Maybe you would like to become an impersonator. Or perhaps you just want to learn some tricks for your next costume party. Either way, here is some advice on how to get into character.

Watch the Movies

When you watch his movies, you have the opportunity to watch Elvis act. You can memorize his mannerisms and impersonate them. How does he move when singing? If you want to perform as an Elvis look-alike it is important to be as thorough as possible. If you just want to wear the Elvis costumes to a party then you just need to learn some of his mannerisms. Watch him when he sings, talks, walks and practice what you learn in front of a mirror. You may also want to record yourself speaking like Elvis. This will help you understand if your delivery is sound.

The Look

Elvis had a certain style and it was more than just sequined outfits. Take some time to get it right. Grow your hair or buy a wig. Paste on sideburns or grow your own. Wear the Elvis costumes while you practice. Then, when it is time to put it all together, you will be as believable as possible.

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