Darth Vader Costumes – A Popular Halloween Disguise

There are lots of people who are nuts about Star Wars. After all, just look at how many people would line up for days or even weeks before each new movie was released. And if you ever saw one of the movies on opening night, you probably saw some Stormtrooper suits and Darth Vader costumes in the crowd.

If you’ve ever found yourself dressed up as Darth Vader, you’re probably a bit of a fanatic about the Star Wars movies. After all, the costume is not a simple one to put together, and it’s certainly not easy to slip in and out of.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted a real, high-tech Darth Vader suit. I remember seeing one in a movie memorabilia store back in the 80’s, and my young imagination started picturing me in a heated lightsaber duel with some Jedi Knight.

The imagination may be a little less active these days, but I’d still like to go all out one year for Halloween and splurge for a super-detailed Darth Vader. I’ve never been one for those nerdy conventions where everybody argues the little details about Star Wars that George Lucas most likely never thought of himself so Halloween is the only time I’d get away with dressing as the Sith Lord.

If you’re thinking of a Darth Vader costume for Halloween this year, it’s time to get on the ball. The big night isn’t far away, and the best costumes get harder to find as you get closer to the night.

If you’re thinking of ordering online, the best costume websites will ship right up until a couple of days before Halloween but by then you might be stuck as an Ewok – the cool characters could be sold out.

Unless you’ve got a professional costume shop close to home, you’ll find a much better selection (and much higher quality costumes) on the internet. The average superstore or drug store costume just doesn’t cut it if you want to really get into the part.

And the great thing about Darth Vader is it doesn’t matter who you are – male or female, young or old. It’s a full body suit and mask so nobody even needs to know who’s under there if you don’t want them to. Just be prepared for a lot of heavy breathing and “I am your father” quotes!

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