Big Brother 7 – Week One (Part Two)

This is the second part of the first impressions of the remaining seven housemates as the first week of Big Brother 7 draws to a close.

Glyn Wise
Win Odds: 33/1 (Bet365)
Fervent Welshman Glyn is also up for the first eviction and still Dons the red shorts he wore on opening night as he has not been given his suitcase. Like Bonnie, Glyn is very quiet and early indications suggest he is another example of terrible miscasting. However, being a man, he will survive the first eviction at the expense of a female opponent, i.e. Bonnie, and will treat the nation to his emaciated body for another week at least.

Grace Short
Win Odds: 22/1 (Bet365)
Grace, who admitted “the fame would be nice” before entering the house would not be undone by the Imogen / Sezer pairing and, spying a glossy magazine deal of her own, soon latched on to Mikey and shared a kiss on day six. Other than that, she has done little in the house thus far, but is unlikely to be voted out any time soon.

Sezer Yurtseven
Win Odds: 22/1 (Bet365)
Sezer would like to think he is more popular than he actually is, but he may get a shock should he be put up for eviction. He is looking at house survival from a “safety in numbers” perspective and has formed an alliance with love interest Imogen, George and the pairing of Mikey and Grace, using their London social lives as a basis for common ground. He is battling for the role of alpha male in the house but could find himself come unstuck, as Maxwell did in last year’s show.

Lea Walker
Win Odds: 40/1 (Ladbrokes)
Lea has adopted the role of “mother” in the house but is another housemate who could find themselves up for eviction sooner rather than later. She hasn’t done anything to upset the other housemates and has fought their corner when Shabaz was acting appallingly during his short stay. However, she has not formed any real alliances and may find herself picked off within the next few weeks.

Bonnie Holt
Win Odds: 66/1 (Bet365)
Bonnie (or “Bonneh” as she pronounces it) has done very little to justify her “chatterbox” personality since entering the house and is red hot favourite for the first eviction. Bonnie has melted in to the background and has been hardly noticeable on the highlights shows bar a few harsh words for Shabaz and moaning to Big Brother about not receiving her suitcase. This Rosie Webster look-a-like is like a fish out of water away from her native Loughborough and is one of several horribly miscast house mate members this series. Gone on Friday and won’t be missed.

Dawn Blake
Dawn was ejected from the Big Brother house after eight days but threatened to leave on her own accord shortly after Shabaz walked on day six. She was officially expelled from the house due to receiving “coded communication” from the outside world but was not a particularly popular housemate in any case. She was accused by Nikki, although not to her face, of stinking out everyone elses clothes with her body odour due to not showering for four days.

Shabaz Chauhdry
Shabaz was another example of dreadful miscasting. The producers were hoping for an older, more extreme version of last year’s Kemal, but what they got instead was a mentally deranged idiot who couldn’t cope with living and interacting with other people. He lasted six days before leaving of his own accord and won’t be missed in the slightest.

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